Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Mistaken Trip to Miltenberg

On the 5th of January a small group of us-Abbie, Savannah, Alec, Eric and myself-decided that we were going to try to make a day trip to Wurzburg. This meant figuring out the train system for the first time, on our own, with hardly any German under our belt. We bought our tickets, got on our train and realized, about an hour and half in, that we were not heading for Wurzburg. Realizing this, I got up to check the map and decided that we should get of at the next stop which happened to be the town of Miltenberg.

Once we exited the train we looked at the times for the returning trains to Bad Mergentheim and there were two trains, we could either leave in an hour or stay for a few hours. We decided to at least walk around the city and see what it had to offer and the decide on the time we would leave. When we started walking away from the train station the town looked fairly boring and it didn't look like we were going to spend much time here, but then we came to a bridge. We realized that we "chose" a very beautiful town to get lost in.

 The view from the other side of the bridge.
 The main street.
 A random store sign.

View from the nature park.

We decided to just walk around the city and take in the sights and sounds. We walked around some of the old castle buildings and the Marketplatz. We soon found ourselves in a gorgeous nature park that could look over the whole town. While we were in the park we ran into a local German woman, Angelica, and her dog, Freyja. She invited us to meet her at the oldest hotel in the town for a pretzel and beer, which is a typical German snack We all enjoyed our pretzels and beers while asking her questions about Germany and learning different things about her family. Once we had to leave to catch our train we exchanged emails and addresses to stay in contact.

What appeared to be a failed day trip turned into one of my best traveling experiences. This is why I love to travel, the ability to meet complete strangers and be able to talk and learn things about others. We were able to discover a great town and make a new friend along the way.

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