Saturday, December 28, 2013

3 Months in Deutschland

The last time I was preparing to leave for a foreign country it was a much different story. I was leaving for Greece during summer and the trip was only for 5 and a half weeks. I was nervous, but I was going with a professor I knew and some students I had seen before. This time I am going to Germany with a group of students I am not as familiar with and I going to be gone from my friends and family for 3 months. I will be living in the village of Bad Mergentheim and I will be learning the language. Needless to say, the closer my departure nears I become more and more nervous. But, I am also becoming more and more excited.

I will be taking classes in this castle:

I can't really be anything other than excited; however, the picture doesn't really show the weather I will be experiencing while I am there from January to March. While I am in Bad Mergentheim it will look more like this:

Considering I was born and raised in Florida, I am bracing myself for this cold weather. I'm hoping to keep everyone informed on what is going on as I experience new things in Germany. If you want to know what is going on just follow this blog and you should be kept up to date.

I will be flying to Germany from Jacksonville January 1st and I will arrive in Frankfurt early on January 2nd. I will be taking a 3 hour train ride to Bad Mergentheim where I will get settled into my apartment. After that, the adventure begins!

Until then, tchuss!